Happy New Year!

It is a new year. In fact it is 2020… I heard that meant we would all have perfect vision this year. We can’t go back but we can certainly look forward to a successful year and beyond. That may take an attitude adjustment for many of us. Shaking off negative thoughts and replacing them with positiveness is one way we can assure that success. Being happy that our fellow REALTORs and business associates are excelling in their careers helps to bring that positiveness our way, too.

One person comes to mind that has not only brought success and recognition to herself but to our entire association. Many of you know her, Amanda Creel, our CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Amanda works tirelessly for the association and all that it offers its members. I had the opportunity to see her in action many times this past year as she brought many new and exciting events to our area. But even more impressive was the impact she has outside of our seemingly little association. Because of her efforts our association is rising in the ranks statewide and nationally, too.

As a part of the 2020 vision, let’s all give Amanda Creel a shout out and let her know how much we appreciate her! I know a thank you goes a long way in keeping folks content. I even get one occasionally… Let’s keep the 2020 Vision of Success going throughout the year. You can email Amanda directly and let her know how happy your are to have such a capable person at the helm.

Betty Winn

Betty Winn