Winn School Embraces New Options

As we negotiate out of the pandemic, a look back over the past year and a half shows that we are in a new era of technology and class offerings. Before, “live” was always the preferred, now we see that “Live Streaming” is a wonderful option if you still want to be scheduled. But, if you want to work at your own pace, the “Online” class will be your pick. Many more students than you think are making this choice.

Winn School of Real Estate is your hometown school and although we wanted to continue to offer “live” classes here in the Prescott Quad-city area, we found that finding a location do offer them and getting enough students signed up, was financially challenging… during the pandemic and beyond. Folks have gotten used to “live streaming and online” classes and that diminishes the numbers for the live class setting.

Now that we have entered this new era, Winn School of Real Estate has embraced innovative ideas and has added many new options to its pre-licensing and continuing education offerings. I am partnering with another school that brings many new courses and packages for your CE and wonderful pre-licensing course packages, too! When signing up you can choose between, live, live stream or online. All live course will be presented in the Phoenix area. The Broker Pre-Licensing course is offered online or live stream only.

I am not saying I will never teach live again… occasionally I get asked to teach a class and I am always ready to do so. I love seeing my past students that have become so successful in their new careers. It warms my heart to count how many students in a CE class actually came through Winn School of Real Estate over the past eleven years.

When you need your CE hours be sure to visit . If you have someone looking for a career change, send them there as well. I think they will be impressed with the packages being offered.

Thank you to all my loyal students and for your continued support. Best to you all!

Betty Winn

Betty Winn

Betty Winn