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Out-of-State Recognition

Up until just recently, if you had a Real Estate license in another state, our laws said you had to take the full 90-hour real estate course and pass the state exam. Many folks from around the country would sit through my class with a scowl on their face, angry about having to meet this requirement when they had 10, 20 or even 30 years licensed in another state.

Well, the current state government agreed. They passed a bill that allows anyone with a license in another state, has residence in Arizona and can pass our state exam the right to have a real estate license in here without taking the 90-hours. This law was a blanket law covering any profession that requires such licensing; massage therapists, hair stylists and the like.

Most licensees coming from out-of-state know general real estate concepts and laws but have no idea about Arizona Real Estate laws and our quirky concepts. So, I put together a package to help those who don’t need to take the class but need the information.

You can purchase the book I use in class, which has testing and quizzes throughout, the digital Test Prep Book and my orientation folder filled with valuable information.

Feel like you would like to take the course anyway? See the options you have under the Real Estate Education tab.